Products:   ArtCrete Renders

CCC's ArtCrete line of renders and plasters were formulated with one thing in mind: performance. Whether a conventional cement based plaster or an advanced polymer modified stucco, no corners were cut or compromises made to develop the most advanced formulations in the industry. Adding the magical power of modern advanced polymers, ArtCrete's line of polymer modified stuccos and renders offer unparalleled versatility, durability, and workability. What can be achieved with ArtCrete renders and plasters is only limited by imagination and creativity.
ArtCrete 101
Spray Grout
A flexible, polymer-modified, cementitious spray-apply coating for application over stencils on vertical surfaces.

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ArtCrete 200
Sparkling Wall Finish
A high performance, polymer-modified, cement-based finish stucco containing colored glass chips for a highly-decorative sparkling effect.

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ArtCrete 201
Venetian Plaster
A two-component, thermoplastic wall coating system that creates a highly burnished surface simulating the look of "Old World" plastered walls.

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ArtCrete 700
Brown Coat Ready Mix Plaster
A fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based, uncolored brown coat plaster applicable in thicknesses up to 50 mm.

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ArtCrete 701
Fine Coat Ready Mix Plaster
A fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based, uncolored final coat plaster applicable in thicknesses up to 20 mm.

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ArtCrete 800
Colored Plaster
A fiber-reinforced, Portland cement-based, colored plaster applicable in thicknesses of 5 to 20 mm for two-coat plastering systems.

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ArtCrete 801
Colored Stucco Finish Coat
A high performance, polymer-modified, cement-based, single component stucco finish coat applicable in thicknesses of 2-20 mm with unparalleled adhesion, flexibility and weathering.

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ArtCrete 900
Lightweight Render
An uncolored, fiber reinforced, lightweight plaster for render and brown coats applicable in thicknesses up to 200 mm in a single coat.

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ArtCrete 901
Decorative Lightweight Plaster
A polymer-modified, cement-based, colored, single component, lightweight plaster with outstanding workability for carving and artificial rock work or smooth finish stucco. Applicable on vertical surfaces in thicknesses up to 100 mm without sagging.

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ArtCrete 903
MarbleCrete Bedding Coat
A colored, lightweight, cement-based plaster for embedding with decorative aggregates.

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Splatter Dash Coat
A single component, fiber-reinforced, cement-based, polymer-modified dash coat for application over block and masonry as the first coat in a two coat or three coat system.

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FoamFix ST
Adhesive and Base Coat
A polymer modified, fiber reinformced, cementitious adhesive and base coat for render system. With fiberglass mesh embedded in the coating, it serves as a reinforcing and crack mitigation layer.

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