Products:   Concrete Repair

No matter what the situation might be, whether it is a hairline crack or high impact surface chipping, CCC has a unique product for repairing damaged concrete surfaces. With cementitious and epoxy-based products, CCC's solutions are guaranteed to provide a lasting and durable solution to your repair problem.
PatchCrete 100
Fair Facing Coat
A single component, cement-based, polymer-modified leveling and fair-facing coat.

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PatchCrete 101
Multi-Use Repair Mortar
A single component, cement-based, polymer-modified multi-purpose concrete repair and patching compound.

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PatchCrete 102
Crack Filler
A single component, cement-based, polymer-modified, fine grain grout for repairing concrete cracks.

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PatchCrete 601
Non-Shrink Structural Grout
A flowable, high strength, single component, cement-based compound for grouting machine bases and anchor bolts.

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MortCrete 3000
Multi-Purpose Epoxy Mortar
A two component, solvent-free concrete repair and patching epoxy mortar.

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MortCrete 5000
High Strenght Epoxy Grout
A high strength, flowable, three component, solvent free epoxy grout specifically formulated for applications where high chemical resistance and high dynamic and static load bearing are required.

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