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Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS) is an exterior cladding and thermal insulation system that utilizes the superior thermal resistance properties of polystyrene foam boards. The insulation foam board is installed on an approved substrate adhesively and/or mechanically. A reinforcing fiber mesh is embedded in a specially formulated base coat and applied to the face of the insulation board, thereby providing impact resistance strength and durability to the. The system is finally covered with a finish coat, rendering it undistinguishable in appearance from other facades and cladding systems. EIFSís superior thermal insulation derive from two properties: one is that EIFS is unique among thermal insulation system in that it is the only one that completely envelopes the exterior of a building, thereby eliminating any thermal bridges through which heat can enter or escape the building; the other is that EIFS utilizes the superior thermal resistance properties of polystyrene, achieving values of up to R4 per inch of foam board thickness.
InsuCrete ST
A Standard Class PB Exterior Insulation and Finish System
An acidic penetrating compound that reacts with cured concrete to provide permanent and variegated color tones.

System Description
Adhesive/Base Coat
Premium Reinforcing Mesh
Reinforcing Mesh
Finish Coat

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