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That concrete slab didn't come out right? No problem. With CCC's overlays every problem has a solution. With a wide range of overlays both cement based and resin based, no construction error should be impossible to fix.
TopCrete 220
Micro Topping Overlay
A high abrasion resistance, single component, polymer modified, colored cement-based micro topping designed for correcting finishing and color errors.

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TopCrete 600
Screed Overlay
A single component, colored, polymer modified cementitious overlay designed for application by trowel in thicknesses from featheredge to 30 mm.

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LevelCrete 900
Self Leveling Overlay
A single component, uncolored, flowable, self-leveling cementitious overlay for correcting level errors and surface irregularities. Designed to be topped with another finish such as vinyl, parquet , tile, or resinous coating.

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EpoCrete 2000
Self Leveling Epoxy Overlay
A three component, self leveling, high build epoxy floor overlay applicable in 2-3 mm thickness for applications requiring very high abrasion resistance.

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EpoCrete 5000
High Performance Epoxy Floor Screed
A three component epoxy floor screed applicable in up to 5 mm thickness for the most demanding flooring applications.

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