Products:   PaveCrete Exposed Aggregate

Why settle for boring and uninspiring gray concrete or incur the high cost of natural stone? CCC can help you turn ordinary concrete into so much more. With a wide range of texturing tools and CCC's high quality materials, a new concrete surface can be turned into a beautiful colored hardscape resembling any number of natural stone, brick and handset tile patterns, at a fraction of the cost of natural materials. Or for a beautifully colored and finely trowelled concrete surface, CCC offers integral color in any of its 40 standard colors in addition to custom colors specially designed to meet unique customer needs.

Starting with freshly poured and finely trowelled concrete, CCC's PaveCrete 200 Color Hardener is applied by the dry shake method evenly over the concrete surface. In order to prevent the imprinting mats from adhering to the fresh concrete, one of CCC's release agents must also be applied to the concrete surface. For an antiquing effect and more natural look, CCC recommends applying PaveCrete 300 Antique Release Agent in a contrasting color to that used in the color hardener. The surface is then imprinted with any of the high quality texturing mats and allowed to cure before washing the excess powders to reveal a surface with the beauty and appeal of natural stone and the durability and strength of concrete. For long term protection and additional beauty, CCC highly recommends immediately sealing the finished surface with A-Z Super Sealer or A-Z Mega Sealer.

With the strength of concrete, the stain resistance of the sealer coat and the added abrasion resistance of the color hardener, stamped concrete provides a unique combination of durability, low cost and beauty that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications: driveways, public parks, sidewalks, pool decks, malls, theme parks, and other large public areas. And with easy maintenance that requires only pressure washing and periodic re-application of the sealer coat, stamped concrete provides years of headache-free service and pleasing appearance.
PaveCrete 200
Premium Dry Shake Color Hardener
A colored, silica-based, dry shake color hardener for freshly poured concrete surfaces, formulated specifically for stamped concrete and decorative colored concrete applications.

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PaveCrete 300
Antique Release Agent
A powdered, colored bond breaker designed to prevent the adhesion of freshly poured concrete to texturing tools and to give stamped concrete surfaces an antique mottled color effect.

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PaveCrete 400
Liquid Release Agent
An odorless, colorless liquid bond breaker designed to prevent the adhesion of freshly poured concrete to texturing tools.

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PaveCrete 500
Integral Color for Concrete
A concrete admixture designed to give concrete permanent integral color.

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A-Z Super Sealer
Solvent-Borne Acrylic Sealer
A clear solvent-borne protective coating for a scuff-resistant, non-yellowing matt or gloss finish.

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