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For the maximum in protection and UV resistance, there is nothing like polyurethane coatings. With top quality in mind, CCC offers polyurethane coatings from Pacific Polymers; a leader in the polyurethane industry.
ElastoCrete 202
Two Component PU Waterproofing & Priming Coat
A high solid content, flexible, aromatic polyurethane coat for priming, waterproofing, and protecting concrete surfaces with or without anti-skid finish. Available clear (opaque yellow) or colored.

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ElastoCrete 210
Water-Based Polyurethane Coating
A two-component, water based, low VOC, aliphatic polyurethane coating for waterproofing and protecting concrete surfaces. Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications.

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ElastoCrete 212
Water Based Clear Polyurethane Coating
A two component, water-based, low VOC, aliphatic, clear polyurethane coating for sealing and protecting concrete and masonry surfaces. Easily absorbed into concrete surfaces to form a thin film, making it ideal for decorative concrete applications where high chemical and abrasion resistance is required. Available in matte and glossy grades.

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ElastoCrete 222
Water Based Polyurethane Top Coat
A two component, water based, low VOC, high build (200 micron), colored, aliphatic polyurethane top coat with high chemical and abrasion resistance. Available in matte and glossy grades.

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ElastoCrete 302L
Polyurethane Line Marking Coating
A two component, flexible, high solid content, castor oil based polyurethane coating especially formulated with high quality, weather fast pigments for line marking.

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ElastoCrete 4000
Aliphatic Polyurethane Top Coat
An economical, solvent-based, aliphatic, flexible polyurethane top coat for use with high build multi-coat systems. Available clear or colored.

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ElastoCrete 5000
Heavy Duty PU Floor Coating
A solvent-free, high performance, two component, aromatic, flexible polyurethane floor coating for protecting concrete floor in heavy duty applications.

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ElastoCrete 6500
Heavy Duty PU Top Coat
A two component, high performance, high solid content, UV-resistant, flexible polyurethane traffic floor top coating for multi-coat systems.

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